Creative Masterclass Fri 25th Sept at 10.30am – book your place now!

We are delighted to be holding a second Creative Masterclass with thinkingplace, for anyone who missed the first one in June. Join Mark Roberts, John Till and Peter Anderson to learn about the background to The Harrogate Story; the four ‘themes’ in the Harrogate Story; how these themes drive the visual language and how we can all use it to promote our amazing place.

Place-led visual story telling is relevant for everybody – whether you’re a small independent retailer looking to drive footfall; a global brand with local roots; an organisation working within the community; or a tourism business looking to encourage visitors from near or far.  The Think Harrogate toolkit has been created out of the stories that YOU told us. It’s all about what makes our place special; why we love to live, work, visit and invest here.

During the session we’ll see examples of places that have successfully harnessed the power of place marketing to raise their profile, retain business and brands, increase visitor numbers, attract and retain talent, attract more inward investment and get their place’s story in front of the audiences that matter.

Booking is open now – to secure your place Register here


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